From small container plants to large specimens

Conifers take their name from their typical cone-shaped fruit and include Abies, Cupressus, Pinus, Sequoia but also Ginkgo Biloba, Taxus, and Thuja. They generally tolerate cold climates, but there are varieties that adapt quite well to the Mediterranean climate, as evidenced by the landscapes in Tuscany where the Cupressus are king.

At Piante MATI 1909, we can supply all sizes of conifers, from small plants in containers up to specimens more than 5 meters in height.

All have undergone constant care and treatment in order to guarantee our customers the best quality. The trees have been subjected to frequent transplants at our production nurseries so as to prepare the roots and prevent trauma once permanently planted.

Conifers can be used in gardens and in green works with spectacular effect. Avenues can be created with the Cupressus sempervirens ‘Pyramidalis’, typical of the Tuscan countryside, or the Pinus pinea, characteristic of areas in the Mediterranean basin. They are used to create thickets, hedges, and windbreaks, or to be showcased as a solitary plant in a corner of the garden.

Some fun facts. In the 1960s, Piante Mati 1909 provided the Pinus pinea that replaced the famous one on postcards of the gulf of Naples. In more modern times, a 12-meter tall Pinus specimen along with other smaller ones went to beautify the main square in Tirana (Albania) in February 2017.