Perennial, floriferous, aquatic and grassy plants

A family of very ornamental plants

In this large chapter, we have collected all those highly ornamental plants used to embellish a garden, define a corner, give color to flowerbeds and slopes, or bring fragrance to a balcony or veranda.

The perennials include groups of very colorful, decorative, and fragrant plants (Allium, Artemisia etc.).

As their name suggests, floriferous plants are selections where the abundance and duration of flowering predominate (Agapanthus, Canna indica, etc.).

Aquatic plants are clearly plants that need water, and thus are used in ponds. Depending on the variety, they can live either in water or very wet soils (Waterlilies, Lotus Flowers, etc.).

Grasses are generally pioneer plants, which spread easily. Hardy and very adaptable (pampas grass or Cortaderia selloana, Miscanthus sinensis), they are suitable for creating a wild corner in a garden.

At Piante MATI 1909, we have over time selected the best of all the varieties in order to have the maximum adaptability both to being planted in the ground or potted.

They can therefore be used to perk up balconies, terraces, and windows, to form compositions in large vases and terracotta basins, or to create spots of color in the garden.

One of the trends in recent years has been a bonsai pond. Generally, a terracotta pot – either without holes or plugging any existing ones – is filled with water, with small pots of the chosen plants, even water lilies or lotus flowers, then planted.