Gardens and parks

Design & construction

A garden is an enchanted place, never the same, yet constantly evolving. Its size is not important, but its space, shapes, and color are.


MATI 1909 works to create harmony, a biological balance among the plants, an architectural one among the walkways, pots, gazebo or pool, and anyone who wants to experience the garden.


Having grown trees, shrubs, conifers, and outdoor plants for over a century, we know their needs in terms of soil, light, water, and food. These factors are essential for the production of beautiful, healthy, and strong plants but also for knowing where and how to place them so they grow harmoniously, enhancing their ornamental qualities.


It is a short step from cultivation to planning and has been so ever since MATI 1909 went into business. Its mission is to create a dream garden through greenery.

From large parks to small gardens:

As early as 1930, the company had a design studio that developed plans for formal and informal gardens.


From a large park to a small garden, from formal gardens to eco-sustainable and therapeutic ones, MATI 1909 takes care of each step to create a green space:


  • pedoclimatic analysis
  • concept
  • design
  • rendering graphics and photo insertions
  • proposal presentation
  • complete estimate also of incidental technical work
  • plant selection
  • construction
  • plant care assistance
  • scheduled maintenance



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