Tree plantations

Best tree varieties and selection

Since 1909, you have been able to find a vast selection of tree plantations of all sizes and types in the Piante Mati nurseries – from the classic Acer, Quercus, and citrus or fruit trees to more popular varieties, suitable for every need, such as a “table-top” pruning of Tilia to create shady places, flowering cherry trees used to perk up avenues in spring, or small groups of Carpinus to enhance some parts of the garden.

With over one hundred years of experience, we have combined innovative methods with the classic open-field cultivation method. in the 1940s and 1950s, we were the first to use straw to protect the balled-and-burlapped plants extirpated and ready to be sold. In the 1980s, Miro Mati successfully tested Plant Plast, an innovative vessel replacement method. Today we use “bags”, a new type of container that allows plants to grow faster.

We take meticulous care in the selection of cultivars and of individual tree plantations in order to always guarantee the highest quality. Moreover, we use particular varieties of plants, such as the Platanor “Vallis Clausa” ®, specially selected to be resistant to diseases and pests.

At Piante MATI, we have taken environmental problems very seriously since 1909. Our nurseries use the principles of integrated pest control, biological products, insects useful in competing against other harmful one, and specific cultivation practices.