Selected adult plants, 10-30 years old

They are our specialty as we have dedicated great commitment and passion to them. These plant specimens are special because we select them when young, identifying the most beautiful subjects that clearly display the characteristics of certain species of shrubs and trees.

We cultivate them with extreme care, attention, and dedication for ten, twenty, thirty or more years, transplanting them three to seven times during their life, to make sure they take root quickly and easily.

The result is ready-to-use, usually large plants, balled, in tubs, or in Plant Plast®.

You can admire a large collection of tree specimens in our nurseries: Tilia, Quercus, Fagus, Acer, Fraxinus, Abies, Cedrus, Pinus, Sequoia, Magnolia, olive trees (even centenarians), Ginkgo, our Platanor “Vallis Clausa”®, and many other species

These magnificent plants have a vast number of uses – planted individually in a garden, used as shade trees, or as part of a green work for dramatic effect.

Many varieties are used to restore ancient lanes (e.g., the Cypresses along the typical Tuscan private roads) or historical gardens.

Currently, our specimens can be found in many public and private green areas, such as:

  • avenues in Florence and Paris
  • Skanderberg Square,  the main square in Tirana
  • A square in Anacapri
  • A square in Portofino
  • Private villas in France (mainly on the French Riviera), Italy, Switzerland, and other European countries

By appointment, a technical expert escorts our customers in our nurseries where they can personally choose the specimen that best suits their own style as well as the needs of the garden where it will be placed.