Ornamental plants

Plant assortment

MATI 1909 delivers all over the world and ensures quality and quick delivery by means of:

  • Dedicated trucks
  • Courier services
  • Transport via semi-trailer or articulated trucks


Our logistics reach the most important destinations in a few days as well as those customers who need to receive goods within a predetermined time period.
A special logistics service is dedicated to orders received from architects and landscape architects who need trees and specimens


Upon customer request, MATI 1909 also offers a custom plant-labeling service.



For more info visit: www.mativivai.com

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Thanks to everyone who came to us this year. Thanks to those who have chosen our plants

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To book an appointment in the nursery, contact our purchase responsibles calling the following number  +39-0573-380051.


It will be an occasion to meet and have lunch together at our agritourism restaurant Toscana Fair with the products of our vegetable gardens and maybe establish a relationship of mutual trust that is the starting point to create important and long-lasting collaborations based on reliability and respect.


Availability and prices are supplied by sending a request via email to the following address: info@piantemati.it