Therapeutic gardens

Gardens that generate well-being

MATI 1909 has a division dedicated to the design and construction of therapeutic gardens, places that have a positive effect on a patient’s mood and health, with the ability in some cases of reducing the use of medications. Thanks to Andrea Mati’s partnership with some universities, research centers, and companies specialized in non-pharmacological therapies, MATI 1909 specializes in garden designs dedicated to the physical, psychological, and social needs of people affected by these diseases, paying attention also to family members, friends, and care personnel. At the MATI 1909 center, a model garden dedicated to Alzheimer’s disease was created, designed to help patients and their caregivers to relax, through sensory, tactile, olfactory, auditory, and visual stimuli, which create a sense of well-being by reducing possible drug regimens. The garden was carried out together with Generali Arredamenti, a Pistoia company specializing in therapeutic settings for the development of non-pharmacological interventions. The garden is centered around fragrant and aromatic plants with prolonged flowering because of their therapeutic effect on the patient. In 2018, gardens designed for autism and Down’s syndrome will be constructed.