Three words, an essential claim, a simple motto and the summary of an environmental report that will accompany the company’s activities throughout the course of 2020. This commitment will be reflected in the organisation of conferences on the theme of sustainability in the ornamental green sector, and in the continued adoption of virtuous behaviour in favour of green by those who have been cultivating and respecting plants for 110 years.
“Every action counts” is the new # to indicate that together we can make a difference and be an active part of the change, a change of which the company MATI 1909 wants to be the protagonist and promoter.
MATI 4 LIFE summarises the benefits that our nurseries generate for the improvement of the environment, the quality of life and the future of the planet. MATI 4 LIFE is the Environmental Report of the MATI 1909 nurseries, and is based on a study that has allowed us to identify and quantify the main environmental parameters related to nursery activities and the production of ornamental plants, and to compare them with the same data referring to highly humanised areas, such as urban centres and busy areas, paper mills and industrial areas and finally extensive traditional cultivations. Carbon dioxide sequestration, oxygen production, removal of pollutants and reduction of atmospheric temperatures are the parameters evaluated and compared, and the numerical data of synthesis are visible in the graphics on the right.
The study presented is the first analysis carried out in the nursery sector that compares environmental data from completely different contexts, and this means that the same can be used as a model extendable to other case studies.


Plants alone provide 80% of the food consumed and produce almost all the oxygen emitted into the atmosphere. To raise world awareness in the fight against malnutrition and poverty and to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly economic development, FAO has announced that 2020 will be the International Year for Plant Health.

Those like us who have been cultivating trees and shrubs for over a hundred years are well aware of the responsibility we humans have in protecting plants.
Today, climate change and human activities have greatly reduced species biodiversity and the commercialization of the product has led to the spread of an increasing number of pathogens that threaten plant health.

We as producers are committed to adopting good practices and sustainable production techniques on a daily basis, but sometimes this is not enough and, in view of the responsibility we have towards plants and ourselves, it is our duty to do everything that science can do to contain the effects of the pathogen and prevent its spread.

Our actions will always support the reasons for integrated agriculture and concrete sustainability, never ideological; we will continue to grow plants using techniques that are as sustainable as possible, but we will be ready to intervene so as not to fail in one of our duties: to protect the health of plants and those who, thanks to them, can continue to live.

Plants produce oxygen for us, they absorb carbon dioxide and fine dust, reduce global warming, increase our well-being and the economic value of our homes, all without asking for anything.

Our mission will always be to cultivate trees, which are the basis of the life of the planet and of mankind. We will do it with all the love we can, we will cure them when they are sick, as we do with our children, and we will plant them in every corner we are given.

If the Climate Conferences have not achieved results it is up to us alone, the change starts from daily actions.


Let’s not give up science. We don’t give up life.


#everyactioncounts #MATI4LIFE