Perfect for dividers, pergolas, green walls

Vines are plants that have the ability to produce a long shoot that, when looking for a support or a support, climb and intertwine, creating veritable green walls.

They are ideal for creating pergolas, decorating a gazebo or canopy, or on slopes or embankments.

They can be evergreen like Hedera or Jasminum and are suitable for developing permanent dividers or hedges. Those with deciduous leaves, like Wisteria or Bougainvillea, are suitable for terraces or situations where, in wintertime, it is necessary to let in light.

They are used to beautify gardens and terraces and, given their tendency to expand vertically, even small spaces can be brightened up with colors and fragrances.

At Piante Mati 1909, we can also provide vines suitable for green walls.