Ideal for giving an exotic touch to the garden

Palm trees belong to one of the oldest families in the plant world. They are greatly appreciated for the exotic tone they give to a garden. Although typically associated with warm climates, some varieties, such as the Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis), may also be planted in more temperate situations.

In the case of plantations in areas where winter temperatures can arrive at just below zero, it is necessary to collect and tie the large leaves and protect them with straw or non-woven fabric.

At Piante Mati 1909, we are able to offer different types of palm trees in various sizes, from the typical European-fan-palm, the Chamaerops humilis, which has a bushy habit and can develop multiple trunks, to the Trachycarpus fortunei ‘Liberty’, which has very vigorous tree habit and can also tolerate colder climates.

Varieties are suitable for creating a walkway or for anyone who wants to flaunt a single beautiful plant in the garden.