Grandiflora, landscape, species rose bushes

The rose is the queen of gardens, found in all its various forms in any green space.

At Piante MATI 1909, we have always selected the best varieties from Meilland, Tantau, David Austin, Barni, and many other suppliers, in order to provide flowers suitable for any environment and for every taste and need.

Our selection is divided into three categories:

  1. Grandiflora
  2. Landscape
  3. Species Roses

As their name suggests, the grandiflora roses are roses whose large, attractive flowers are often fragrant and suitable for cutting. They can be grown in the ground or in large terracotta pots to create a romantic corner in the garden.

Landscape roses are used to give color to a garden, to create a background to a landscape, and to cover small slopes. They are characterized by a more diminutive, abundant flowering, which often lasts from spring to late autumn. Very hardy plants, they can have an erect, semi-erect, or ground-cover habit.

Species roses are varieties that have not been hybridized by humans, but are simply selected and re-cultivated. They are closest to those found spontaneously in nature.

These three categories are cultivated both as bush and trained to climb. They can be espalier-trained to create a flowery hedge or a column- or cone-shaped one to create an original splash of color in the garden.

Every year at MATI 1909, we also offer new collections based on customer requests, together with the most requested cultivars.

We invite you to contact us if our catalogs do not have the rose you are looking for.

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