Shrubs, hedges, privacy screens

A variety for every climate and environment

They can be used in any garden anywhere and in every climate and environment. The shrubs are used to create flower beds, to bring a touch of color, and to form geometric patterns, recreating the magic of our grandparents’ Italian gardens by simply defining the garden’s boundaries or creating a barrier to close the view.

In our nurseries, shrubs can be found with colored or variegated foliage, flowering, with a habit that is natural, free, or pruned into rounded or geometric shapes; aromatic, groundcover, or hanging plants, suitable for reinforcing slopes or giving a note of color to a steep part of the garden.

There are shrubs and hedges suitable for the seaside or the mountains, wet or rocky areas, warm or temperate climates, as well as colder zones.

At Piante Mati 1909, we cultivate both in open fields and in containers (pot or bag), or in Plant Plast, always respecting the quality standards that have always distinguished us.

At our headquarters in Pistoia, at Via Bonellina 49, varieties of shrubs and hedges can be found with a selection that is easily transportable by car. our staff will be available for help and advice on the plants best suited to the needs of your garden.