principal visite-jardins-jardins-potagers-dans l-entreprise Mati Experience

Next event:
Saturday 23rd November


principal visite-jardins-jardins-potagers-dans l-entreprise Mati Experience

Next event:
Saturday 23rd November


Doors open to a unique, multi-sensory experience

All entities contained in MATI 1909 can be discovered through a visit to the center. A unique sensory experience can be experienced that will let visitors discover the secrets of nursery cultivation, the beauty and charm of the show gardens (including formal, technological, therapeutic/healing, and sustainable), the originality of the vegetable gardens whose sustainable products enrich the table and the authentic flavors of the Ristorante Agrituristico TOSCANA FAIR.


The Mati Experience will let you see first-hand the green culture that can only be offered by a company with more tha 100 years of experience.


Download the Nursery Map as a PDF


Who is our focus

This experience is open to everyone, from plant and greenery enthusiasts to anyone who wants to understand how a garden is created or discover the secrets of plants.

How is it organized

The initiative began during the year of Pistoia Italian Capital of Culture 2017, to promote the century-old bond between Pistoia and its plant nurseries by linking the city’s artistic and architectural beauties to the landscape and nature. For this purpose, MATI 1909 launched the MATI EXPERIENCE for all its customers and contacts worldwide to introduce internationally one of Pistoia’s outstanding products, a green culture

Tours are held on Saturday mornings from 9 am-12 pm, with also the possibility of an afternoon extension. Groups or individuals can be accommodated if registered by telephone or email.


The Program

The visit includes a walk in the company’s show gardens, with descriptions of the types, quality, and production techniques of those plants that can be used to create formal, informal, eco-friendly, and therapeutic/healing gardens.
The program concludes with a visit to the raised gardens, whose products are used immediately by the Ristorante Agrituristico Toscana Fair.


Upon request

Upon request, a specialist is available for a lesson on the Accademia del Giardino’s premises on topics related to MATI 1909 businesses, including:

  • the history of Pistoia's plant nurseries from 1856 until now
  • the century-long history of MATI 1909 with anecdotes related to the world of plants and gardens
  • the evolution of gardens from the 1960s until today
  • the sustainable garden
  • the story of the most important gardens created by MATI 1909 in recent years

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Dining at Toscana Fair

After the tour, if you wish, you can book an aperitif or lunch with typical products to be enjoyed in the beautiful green surroundings of the Ristorante Agrituristico Toscana Fair. In the afternoon, groups by appointment always have an opportunity to visit Pistoia, Italian Capital of Culture in 2017, accompanied by licensed tourist guides.

Information and reservations

To make a reservation or for information on times and costs, please contact

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Plant nurseries and green culture: news from the world of MATI 1909